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Israel’s attack on Syria – Easter Vigil in Damascus

For certain reasons, the details of the Israeli attack on Damascus will probably not be provided with further information and official statements and detailed confirmations won`t follow, too. Meanwhile, however, there are details which are, to say it so, unconfirmed.

Israel attacked Damascus from Lebanese territory, and, thus, the Syrian airspace was formally not violated. Israel attacked: the staff of the 4th Division of the Syrian Arab army, barracks of the 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard (which is considered as the elite unit within the Guard, and within their hands are also the duties of the security of the Syrian president).

Some time ago, Israel has claimed that this 104. Brigade is exactly the Brigade, in which also military advisers from Iran are acting. Further military objects were hit – operational-tactical missiles batteries (SCUD type), ammunition deports and the military research in the area of al-Haama.

If these details are correct, then it was really not about to prevent the transfer of mystical, modern weapons into the hands of the evil Hezbollah. It’s about a military strike against military objects of a country which is at war.

The “rebels” have also attacked checkpoints in area of al-Mezzeh (Damascus) immediately after the Israeli air attacks. In other words, the Israeli air attacks in Syria were coordinated with the activities of the terrorist gangs. And it is no more so important in what way. Allies always understand each other when it counts.

Zionist terrorism against Damascus
Zionist terrorism against Damascus

Israel has obviously taken the decision, under their guise of concern about the growing strength of Hezbollah, to let Syria bled at the maximum level by supporting the “rebels”, who are currently at the worst situation for them, since, at least, half a year – so, since they tried to perform the “second Vulcano” against Damascus. “We wish the win for both sides” – this the strategy of the Zionists.

In theory, peace on its borders would be good for Israel. But peace is so incredibly tedious. Meanwhile, ANNA-News reports from Damascus, partially citing SANA, that about 300 people have died as a result of the Israeli air attack. “Officially”, a far smaller number of victims is reported (will be reported).

Nice find: here is a little recording of yesterday from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, in which the people, like every year on Holy Saturday, wait for the descent of the Holy Fire forr the feast of Christ’s resurrection.

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