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Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front
Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

Up to 500 Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists and criminals fled of the Baghdad Central Prison in Iraq by a violent break-out, among them are several senior Al Qaeda terrorists and former heads of affiliated terrorist groups. The Al Qaeda terrorists and Islamists were able to flee from the Baghdad Central Prison (formerly known as Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison / سجن أبو غريب‎) in Iraq with the help of a military-style raid by an armed group.

The manhunt is still underway in Iraq for more than 400 of convicts, among them are very dangerous criminals and senior Al Qaeda terrorists. It is to assume that this violent break-out from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison (now the Baghdad Central Prison) was also made possible by an inside job.

According to a senior member of the security and defence committee in the Iraqi parliament, the number of the escaped inmates has reached finally about 500, while the most of them, as it was explained by Hakim Zamili, senior member of Iraq`s security and defence committee, were convicted senior members of Al Qaeda and had received death sentences before their stay at the Baghdad Central Prison in Iraq.

The violent break-out in one of Iraq`s prisons was carried out in a military-style raid and with a typical schema of the terrorist group Al Qaeda. Several suicide bombers drove cares equipped with explosives into the gates of Iraq’s Baghdad Central Prison, which is located on the outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday night. The Baghdad Central Prison, is in Abu Ghraib – a city about 30 kilometres away in the west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The Abu Ghraib Prison was established by British contractors in the 1950s.

Meanwhile, several armed terrorists have attacked the prison guards while other armed militants held the main road in front of the “Abu Ghraib prison” near Baghdad and fought against the security reinforcements that were sent from the capital. It is reported that ten policemen have lost their lives in the battles, while four armed terrorists were killed.

The clashes between the attacking terrorists who wanted to free the Al Qaeda-linked inmates and the security forces continued until the early Monday morning. Then, several military helicopters finally arrived at the Baghdad Central Prison to support the ground forces in regaining the control of the area near Baghdad.

The Iraqi security forces were able to arrest some of the prisoners afterwards but according to the Iraqi official, the rest of these Al Qaeda-affiliated criminals and terrorists are still free – and some will probably go to Syria to join the ranks of the Syrian al Qaeda offshoot – the Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front).

According to the reports, a simultaneous attack has happened on an Iraqi prison that is located in Taji (in the north of the capital, Baghdad). This simultaneous attack on the prison had a similar procedure as the attack on the Baghdad Central Prison but in contrast to this military-style raid, the security guards in Taji were able to prevent a complete break-out of inmates there. Sadly, sixteen Iraqi soldiers lost their lives in these clashes in Taji, while six armed terrorists were killed.

As stated, it is to expect that some of these Al Qaeda terrorists might go to Syria in order to join the ranks of the violent Jabhat al Nusra (al-Nusra Front) fighting the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus. In addition, both military-style attacks on the Iraqi prisons have the smell of a so-called inside job. At least, it is certain to assume that they had support from within the prisons.

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