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Google+ for Android 4.1: APK Download & Information

Google+ for Android 4.1: Messenger is history in favour of Hangouts.

Google+ for Android will receive an update to version 4.1 in the next few days and the new update of the Google+ app for the mobile operating system Android features several new features that many users have wished for a long time. For example, the update implements an easier method to switch between user accounts and pages in the Google+ app for Android OS.

In addition, users of Google Apps are then able to use their Google Apps-account also for the Android app but that’s not all of the new features in the upcoming update of Google+ for Android. The new features of the soon available version 4.1 of the Google+ App for Android were shared by the developer Virgil Dobjanschi on Google+.

The developer mentions in his post on Google+ that several new features of the new version 4.1 were implemented in the app at the request of many users. One of the new features is the ability to easier switch between the own profile and pages on Google+.

Many users know that it is quite cumbersome in both apps, the Google+ app for Android and the app for iOS, to switch between the different profiles and pages. This will change in the new version of the Google+ app for Android and iOS.

Furthermore, it will also be possible with the upcoming update to sign in with his Google-Apps for business account on Google+. The prerequisite is that the Google-Apps administrator has enabled this function.

The linking of Google+ and Google Drive is also expanded and pictures, videos and content that are hosted in Google Drive can be managed with the new Google+ version 4.1. In addition, the photos of the users, which are stored in Google Drive, also run through the “auto-awesome filter”, by which they should be visually valorised.

The Google+ location function is improved and should make more former users of Latitude happier. A few small improvements in detail are also components of the Google+ app update. For example, the Google+ app for Android also receives the practical pull-to-refresh feature.

(Source: AndroidPolice)

The new version of the Google+ App is already rolling out, according to the information by the developer. However, you can download and install the APK file of Google+ 4.1 for Android already because the APK file is available online.

The APK download of the new update of Google+ for Android is signed, and thus, you also receive further updates from the Google Play Store after the manual installation of the APK file / update for Google+ on your Android device. Further information about the new Google+ for Android update is available at AndroidPolice.

Download: Google+ for Android

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