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Latest Google Play Store: Download Play Store APK 4.3.11

Google Play Store: Leaked Play Store 4.3.1 as APK download.

A week ago, the Play Store by Google has been updated to the Play Store version 4.3.10 and the update of the Google Play Store was then also available as typical APK download. However, the Play Store version 4.3.10 is now outdated because there is a new version available for download and as update: Google Play Store version 4.3.11.

The last update of the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablet pcs integrated the combined notifications about new updates of installed Apps on your Android device as well as the useful section of the “recently updated” Apps under “My Apps”. Further, Google has integrated several other tweaks and some bug fixes in the last Google Play Store version from last week.

Today, a new update for Google Play Store is rolling out and it’s a minor update. However, many users of Android devices will either download the APK file of Google Play Store 4.3.11 or look forward till the roll out of the new Play Store version reaches their Android smartphones and tablet pcs. Of course, you can download and install the APK file of the latest Play Store version (4.3.11), as usual.

Just be sure that you have activated the option to install third-party apps / apps from unknown locations in the settings of your Android OS. You can find this setting in the Security section of your Android OS.

After you have activated the option to install Android Apps from unknown locations, you are able to easily install the latest Play Store version. In addition, the APK file of the now latest Google Play Store version (4.3.11) is signed, and thus, you will receive the next updates without any problems on your Android device.

Play Store: “Package File Invalid” error fixed

Google Play Store version 4.3.11 is a so-called minor update with some bug fixes for the Play Store. The update mainly fixes the “Package File Invalid” error, although some still think this “Package File Invalid” error is more a sever issue in the first place than an error of the installed Play Store version.

Google Play Store 4.3.10 (Source: AndroidPolice)

Beside the bug fixes in the latest Play Store version by Google for Android, Google has also updated several translations (localisations) in this new version of the Play Store. The following locales were updated:

bg, es-rUS, fr, id, in, ja, ko, ms, pt, pt-rPT, ro, ru, sk, sl, th, tl, tr, vi, zh-rCN

The PlayTabContainer as well as the SearchAdapter have also received minor changes. However, it is not clear which changes were implemented in the PlayTabContainer and SearchAdapter. The mentioned updates (locales) and the bug fix of the “Package File Invalid” error are probably all new things in the latest Play Store by Google for Android devices.

You can download the latest APK file (Google Play Store 4.3.11) at AndroidPolice, as usual:

Google Play Store version 4.3.11 – APK Download & Information


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