Google deleted the location of the G8 meeting

If you are searching for the location of the G8 meeting in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, by Google Earth, then you will get a surprise..

..because the “Lough Erne Hotel and Golf Resort” does not exist, it has simply disappeared from the earth’s surface.

You only see an empty field. No hotel, and no golf course. Using the competing product by Microsoft, everything is visible.

he whole installation with a hotel complex, where the 8 leaders have met last Monday and Tuesday, has disappeared in Google Earth.

Lough Erne Resort - Not visible @ Google Earth..
Lough Erne Resort – Not visible @ Google Earth..

Lough Erne Resort - Microsoft
Lough Erne Resort – Microsoft

Oh there it is visible. With Microsoft, the hotel complex and installation is visible.

The resort was built in 2005 and has cost 35 million pounds. If you investigate the pictures served by Google Earth, then you will notice tht only the square, where the Lough Erne Hotel should be located, has the recording date of 2004 – thus, before the construction of the complex.

All other squares around it (the pictures) are from 2011. Google has provided purely an old recording, in order to make the entire complex invisible.

This just looks as if Google has worked together with the U.S. Secret Service and therefore, the big internet gigant has erased the entire area of the G8 venue from the map… because of the terrorist threats, for sure.

The evil “Al-CIAda” terrorists are easily able to plot an entire attack with satellite pictures, dated at 2011 and delivered by Google Earth, or what? Probably the bad guys of “Al-CIAda” have no idea about Microsoft, but are only using the maps delivered by Google Earth. (lol)

So the reality gets faked. It simply just gets noticed by people who have some eyes in their heads.

Of course, it is simply just a rare coincidence that the chief executive of Google, Eric Schmidt, has participated in the secretive Bilderberg conference in Watford the week before last. Everything is completely harmless and nothing is cooked up against us.

Source: alles-schallundrauch.blogspot

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