War on terror is actually war on Islam

Terrorists Are Enemies of Islam

November 18, 2015Arabi Souri3

The main source of Islam and all its rituals, beliefs, guidances and style of life is the Holy Quran. The collection of verses revelated to prophet Muhammad from Allah (God) through archangel Gabriel. It’s the […]

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists

enemies syria france extremists

September 20, 2013Arabi Souri3

French nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria are a possible threat for France. The French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said in new statements regarding Syria and the foreign nationals fighting alongside Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and other […]

US is using Al-Qaeda against Syria

syria criticizes western states

September 18, 2013Arabi Souri0

Syrian conflict: Certain Western governments hinder diplomatic process. After Russia has in principle criticized certain Western states for the baseless accusations against the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) […]

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