Feedly: Google Reader-Alternative with Cloud-Backend

Since Google has announced the end of the beloved Google Reader-Service, other companies and services try to get their hands on all the users who have so far used the Google Reader as their primary tool and service for all the RSS subscriptions and Feeds.

In addition, it is clear that these former users of Google Reader have to look for another service where they can import their Feed/RSS subscriptions and are able to easily continue to follow all the updates of the blogs and magazines which they love.

The company behind Feeld and the already very well structured feed reader by Feedly is one of the major profiteer of the end of the Google Reader service. Already many former users of Google`s RSS/Feed-Reader service have moved all their subscriptions to Feedly and also some mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone have finally integrated the change of their used backend – from Google Reader to the Feedly Cloud.

As mentioned in the news about the new AOL Reader, which also tries to get its hand on all the former users of Google Reader, Feedly has already finished its mirgration from the Google Reader-backed to a own cloud service for all the feeds and rss-subscriptions of its users.


The service by Feedly and the website is very well structured and offers already a lot of options for the feeds and subscriptions. So far, the service offered by the company behind Feedly is free and it is said to stay free – even in the upcoming years. While there sure will be some refinancing through ads or other possible methods, Feedly is so far one of the best alternatives for Google Reader.

Google Reader will close its doors at the end of this month and thus, if you still have not migrated all your feeds to another RSS-service and management tool for your feeds of all the online blogs and websites, you should probably (and certainly) hurry up to do so.

You can find the service and website of Feedly here. To migrate all your feeds from Google Reader to Feedy, you should just use the service offered by Google Takeout in order to download your subscriptions easily. Afterwards, just import the xml-file with all your feed-subsriptions (rss links) into Feedly.

The GUI/UI used by Feedly is very easy to handle and thus, you should really have no problems at all to move all your feeds and RSS subscriptions from Google Reader to Feedly and to change your habits to open Google Reader at the morning into the habit to just open Feedly as the new place for all your feed updates and latest information.

Here at SyriaNews, we have integrated a new Feedly button at the top right corner of our small website and news magazine. When you click on the button (“follow”) at the top right corner, you can easly subscripte to our feed (over Feedly) to get the latest information and updates about Syria and, in the hopes that the conflict ends soon, in the future with updates and news about better things in and around Syria.

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