comes around goes around

comes around goes around

Security experts have warned that foreign militants returning from Syria are a threat to Britain and other Western countries.

Experts in foreign affairs stressed and cautioned the west that the fighting militants in Syria from European countries especially from the UK and other countries represent a great threat to their countries instability.

The report added that the foreign militants in Syria are gaining “combat experience and forging connections with extremists” and as a result, they could “return radicalized” and “seek to carry out attacks against the West.”

Last week, the EU counter-terrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, called for coordinated action by European countries to prevent possible attacks in the future.

He warned that the threat posed by militants returning from Syria is “unprecedented,” adding, “National budgets devoted to counter-terrorism are declining across the EU. Yet the threat that we face is becoming more diverse, more diffuse, and more unpredictable.”

The report added that over 100,000 militants are in syria fighting from foreign countries separated and organized into 1000 groups operating all together against  the Syrian government.

Syria have been under attack by isreal nato backed jihadist since March 2011


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