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UN Chief warns against consequences of attack on Syria

US military sells cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia.

While the US military is selling American-made cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, worth about $640 million, although cluster bombs are banned by 83 nations because of their deadly latent damage, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has yet again warned of the dire consequences of an US-led military attack against Syria.

Further, the United States sell the American-made cluster bombs to the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia although they know that the Saudi regime is deeply involved in the violence in Syria and Bahrain and has a lot of Syrian and Bahraini blood on its hands.

In addition, a person like UN Chief Ban Ki-moon should probably condemn the selling of American-made cluster bombs by the US military to the Saudi regime – at least with the justification that cluster bombs are reasonably banned by 83 nations and due to the situation that there is even a possibility that the Saudi Arabian regime might use these American-made cluster bombs against Syrian and/or Bahraini civilians – or that some of these cluster bombs will suddenly appear on Syrian soil.

However, it seems that the Western “community of values” has no problem with the selling of American cluster bombs to the Saudi regime, German tanks or Swiss grenades to totalitarian regimes in the Gulf. Not to mention the German submarines for the Israeli regime or the many nuclear bombs on Israeli soil as well as the large stockpiles of American weapons in Israel. These double-standards simply suck, don’t they?

But back to UN Chief Ban Ki-moon and his recent comments in regards of the Syrian conflict and the US threats against Damascus, which are based on actually nothing – this means, the rhetoric of war by U.S. President Barack Obama and the other US Senators, mainly Democrats, in the United States are based on an alleged radio conversation of officials from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), but this tape was recorded by the Israeli intelligence (Mossad), and thus, under consideration of all the recent lies and fabricated evidence by the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv in the last 60 years, this evidence is worth nothing at all. For example, the Russian administration, including President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, also know this situation.

Ban KI-moon, the UN Secretary General, who is even called the “UN clown” by some of his own personnel at the United Nations (UN), said in recent statements in terms of the possible US-led war against the Syrian government in Damascus that such a Western military attack on Syria could worsen the conflict in Syria.

In this regard, the UN Chief should have better used a statement without the term “could” because every logically thinking person is able to come to the result, in terms of a war against Syria, that the situation for the Syrian people will get worse and that there is no possibility that the violence within the so-called “Syrian conflict” will decrease by launching a war against the Arab country. However, Ban Ki-moon said the Syrian conflict “could worsen” by a Western military strike on Damascus.

At least, the UN Secretary General also urged caution in his recent statements – although he did not explicitly mentioned that he rejects any kind of military operation against Syria. Ban Ki-moon said that he takes note of the argument for (military) action against Syria in order to prevent a future use of chemical weapons in the Arab country.

MSF treats "patients" in the battle area in Syria
MSF treats “patients” in the battle area in Syria

Ki-moon made these remarks at a press briefing at the UN headquarters in New York, shortly before the UN delegation travels to Moscow for the upcoming G20 summit in the Russian capital.

At this press briefing by the United Nations in New York, UN Chief Ki-moon further stated that one has to consider the possible impact of any measure on efforts to prevent the “further bloodshed” in Syria and that every side should only act within the framework of the UN Charter and that any military attack on Syria without the authorization of the UN Security Council (UNSC) is not acceptable.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also said at this press briefing that the “use of force” (against Syria) is “only lawful when in exercise of self-defence in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and, or when the Security Council approves such action”.

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  1. Attack on Syria is total tyranny clearly indicating American imperialism.