The Long Journey of Gisella Cárcamo: The Chilean Terrorist Captured in Syria

October 2, 2013 S. 1

Recently, Gisella Cárcamo; a Chilean lady was detained along with her husband, a Tunisian man inside Syria, in what was an attempted terrorist attack, against a group of Syrian soldiers. According to SANA, Cárcamo was driving along with her husband Radwan Hamidi, in an unregistered truck, when they “attempted lash out at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near a canning [Continue reading…]

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Syria Azaz

Syrian Army Continues Military Operations in Homs and Damascus

September 20, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Turkey closes border crossing while Argentina and Brazil urge a diplomatic solution for Syrian conflict. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its military operations against the foreign-backed terrorist groups in several regions of the Arab country while the Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, Qadri Jamil, has stated that the civil war in Syria reached a stalemate and that the government [Continue reading…]

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Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

russia chemical projectile doesnt belong syrian army

September 5, 2013 Arabi Souri 1

Argentina rejects participation in US-led attack on Syria. While the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, has made a new statement in regards of the Syrian conflict and the possible US-led military strike on Damascus, the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow has published a very interesting and important statement about the attack by terrorists against Syrian civilians and soldiers in Khan [Continue reading…]

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