al khalifa family dictatorship

May 11, 2014Arabi Souri0

Leading Bahraini cleric Sheikh Issa Qassem said that ruling Al Khalifa has officially declared a war on the Shia faith by expelling Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein al-Najati. In a Friday speech, Sheikh Qassem condemned the Al […]

Middle East (Source: CIA World Factbook)

jamil kazzeem war syria warmongers

August 27, 2013Arabi Souri4

Iran’s Ambassador to Baku: Syrian nation should decide about own fate. While the senior member of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Jamil Kazzem, has warned the backers of a possible war against Syria that such […]

Protest in Bahrain

boycott formula 1 race bahrain

April 19, 2013Arabi Souri0

One should really boycott the Formula 1 Race in Bahrain – Due to many reasons. As it is often noted, there are good and bad dictatorships nowadays. Bahrain is a good dictatorship, whose regime is […]