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The Past Year in Syria: The Final Days of Armageddon


Miri Wood, R.N.,c. and Arabi Souri Authors’ note:  As the world’s leading perpetrators of genocide accelerate their plans for a “final solution” against Syria, as their rabid barking dogs of the media ratchet up war criminal lies against Syria, as the UN mafioso clique continues to self-reveal, it is of imperative consequence that reality be shared, in well-documented detail.  This opus is not for those who have become habituated to ...

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Obama-Led Attempt to Libya Syria Enters Damascus

Damascus - Syria

Miri Wood, RNc While humanity’s leading genocidalists, the US, UK, and France, and their various satrap colonies, and mephistophelean journalist-whores and idiot-bloggers, have spent the last several days yelping about Syria defending itself against takfiri terror — foreign and domestic — they have collectively self-enucleated, to intentionally ignore the fact that more than two hundred mortars, missiles, and rockets (a.k.a. “bombs”) have reigned down upon the City of Jasmine, beginning Sunday. Damascus ...

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Syrian Seaside City Latakia Bombed by Obama’s “Moderate Rebels”

Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels

Syrian Seaside City Latakia Bombed by Obama’s “Moderate Rebels” by Miri Wood, RNc [This article has been updated to include an RT interview with Syrian activist Afraa, in Latakia.] On 17 August, as Americans were flocking to US beaches, to delight in the final month of summertime, Syrians of Latakia were delighting in their gifts of 9 missiles, from the benevolent Obama regime, via his “moderate rebels.” Latakia, principal port ...

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Khaled al Asaad: The Latest Martyr in the US’ Cultural Genocide Against Syria


by Miri Wood, RNC Syrian archaeologist Dr. Khaled al Asaad, Director of Antiquities in Palmyra, was brutally murdered on 18 August 2015, his body tied to a traffic light pole, his severed head between his feet.  The rabid proxy army of the imperialist powers so hate science and beauty, that they added to their perversity by keeping his glasses on his head. He was killed by the takfiri savages who ...

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Who To Believe: 2 Erdoğan Forces Killed or 50 As PKK Claims?

Tens of Erdoğan Forces Killed

When media confirms there was a ‘tractor laden with 2 tons explosives was driven at a military police station’, then Erdoğan media shows footage of a ‘building severely damaged’, it would be hard to believe that only 2 Erdoğan soldiers were killed. Just one day after Erdoğan forces, the militias within the Turkish Army loyal to the Islamist radical Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, committed a horrible massacre against Zargala village, of civilians mostly speaking Kurdish language, leaving the village in ...

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Zezon Thermo Power Station Restored by SAA

Zezon Thermo-Power Station

Syrian Arab Army gifts the Syrian people another victory by restoring the Zezon Thermo-Power Station in north-west Idleb countryside. The victory comes while the SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF, the National Defense Forces, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab Army. Zezon Thermo-Power Station is one of many public power stations in Syria, works on LNG ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’, Fuel and Mazoot. It consists of ...

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Turkey Decides to Tighten Control on Terrorists Influx Into Syria

Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

Washington Post praises Turkey for the new role the Turks want to carry out in combating terrorists and they think our memory is so short we forgot the real role of the Turkish regime of Erdogan in creating the suffering of the Syrians, the Iraqis and all the others in the region, the suffering that affected lives almost all over the Middle East and North Africa in addition to Central Asia ...

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Hispanicstan – The Lost Country for Hispanohablantes


While some of you might find the idea of Hispanicstan ridiculous, for many this is a life changing fact and restoration of a lost country stolen by colonial powers to establish a super power that will destroy the whole world by starting wars and inciting hatreds inherited from the previous British Empire, the mother of all sorrows in the current world. Officially counted at 35.5 million people by the United States Census ...

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